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Bourgogne film en proeverij
‘Retour en Bourgogne’ is a film by Cédric Klapisch about a loving portrait of two brothers and their sister who, with passion, manage the vineyard of the family, but now have to find their own way. Their father died just before the start of the harvest. In the span of a year, to the rhythm of the seasons, these three young adults will find their brotherhood or reinvent it.
TICKETS for the movie through the website of Theater Vrijburcht:

Prior to the film, Stephan Knecht will give a short introduction about the Burgundy wine region. With more than 15 years experience as a sommelier on 2-Michelin-star level, he has extensive knowledge and experience with the wines from this famous region.

Afterwards, especially for this film, you can enjoy various delicious wines from Burgundy (white and red) in Café Vrijburcht to complete the story. All wines are served by the glass!

Film € 6,50 / Wijnen € 8,00

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