Café Restaurant Vrijburcht
Jan Olphert Vaillantlaan 159
1086 XZ Amsterdam
020 7373169

MUSICAL ‘Sinterklaas & de Robotpiet’


ATTENTION: The 2nd show (15:00 hrs) is SOLD OUT

A fun and interactive musical for all ages about the preparations for Sinterklaas…

Smart Piet has found the solution to relieve all the Pieten in their tasks to prevent them from a burn out. He quickly convinces all the Pieten of the chances it offers. For example, that long-earned vacation to a beautiful island or what about that dream job in which you can arrange everything yourself…

Easy said and done! The Pieten say goodbye and enter the wide world to achieve their long cherished dreams.

But…. Is the invention of Smart Piet really such a good idea? Or is the Sinterklaas party in danger? What does Sinterklaas actually think of this new approach from Smart Piet? And do the Pieten enjoy their new life?

Come and see how the Pieten once again have an exciting adventure in this musical filled with singing, dance and theater!

The performances (45 min) take place in the café:
12:30-13:30 and 15:00-16:00 (sold out)

Book your tickets by e-mail:
For the children a gift is included in the price.

Musical Sinterklaas en de Robotpiet_20171202-04

€ 12,50

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